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Warrant of Fitness (WoF)

In New Zealand, a Warrant of Fitness (WoF) is a legal requirement for all light vehicles (i.e., vehicles with a gross laden weight of 3,500 kg or less) that are driven on public roads. The WoF is a regular inspection that checks that a vehicle meets certain safety and environmental standards, and it is issued by licensed vehicle inspectors.

The WoF inspection covers a range of vehicle safety factors, including the condition of the vehicle's tires, brakes, lights, steering, suspension, and structural components. A full details what needs to be done is listed in the Waka Kotahi (NZTA) web site.

The frequency of WoF inspections depends on the age of the vehicle. For new vehicles, the first WoF inspection is required after three years, and subsequent inspections are required every 12 months. For vehicles that are registered after the 1st of January 2000 and does not fall into the above category they need to get the inspection done yearly. Vehicles registered prior to this year needs a WoF done every 6 months.

If a vehicle fails a WoF inspection, the owner is required to make the necessary repairs to bring the vehicle up to the required standard before the WoF can be issued. In some cases, a vehicle may also be issued with a "rejected" WoF if it fails to meet the minimum safety standards, in which case it must be repaired and re-inspected before it can be driven on public roads again.

Overall, the WoF is an important part of ensuring that all vehicles on New Zealand roads are safe and compliant. By requiring regular inspections and ensuring that vehicles meet minimum safety and environmental standards, the WoF helps to keep drivers, passengers, and other road users safe.

You can book a Warrant of Fitness with us and get any work done at a very reasonable price at our fully equipped Lower Hutt compliance Centre.

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